Angeles City Angeles City

Angeles CityAngeles City

Angeles City is derived from El Pueblo de los Ángeles or “The Town of the Angels” in honor of its patron saints as well as its founder, Don Ángel Pantaleón de Miranda. The city is divided into 33 barangays and manages itself separately from Pampanga. The city experiences a dry season from November through April and a wet season from May through October.

There is a multitude of cultural and historical sites. Also, the city houses Korea Town (a chain of Korean establishments), woodcarving establishments, a central entertainment district (PAGCOR and the infamous red light district, Fields Avenue) as well as public markets that attract people from nearby towns.

Angeles City is one of the centers for business, entertainment, fitness, food and industry in Central Luzon.

Pampanga Ultimate Community Finishes Strong in Metro Manila Ultimate Commission’s Malakas at Maganda League 2014


Call it beginners’ luck if you may, but for the second time around, Pampanga Ultimate Community (PUC) proves that the first time’s a charm. In 2012, Pampanga Emperors debuted into the ultimate Frisbee league scene, and brought home the championship trophy in Malakas at Maganda League Pool C Open Division. This year, for the first time, PUC sent its delegates to both Malakas (Open) and Maganda (Women’s) divisions, collectively known as Pamp’ed Up Chicks and Chongs.

Pamp'ed Up Chongs Finished 4th Place in Pool C Open Division

Pamp’ed Up Chongs Finished 4th Place in Pool C Open Division

Pamp’ed Up Chongs finished 4th place in pool C open division after losing to Hijos in the semi-finals. Medals were awarded to Wencie Christian Guevarra and France Louise Mendoza for making it to the Mythical 7. On the other hand, Pamp’ed Up Chicks, Pampanga’s first all-women ultimate team, emerged champion in pool B women’s division after winning the universal point in a grueling 3-hour, 15-pointer finals game against Discney Princesses. The game ended at 15-14.

Pamp'ed Up Chicks, Pampanga's First All-women Ultimate Team

Pamp’ed Up Chicks, Pampanga’s First All-women Ultimate Team

Chrysanthemum Robillos made it to the Mythical 7; Lara Lorraine Liwanag bagged the Finals MVP award; while Lauren Leslie Liwanag scored the Most Assists and Tournament MVP awards (overall, women’s division). Pamp’ed Up Chicks and Chongs’ entry to Metro Manila Ultimate Commission’s Malakas at Maganda League 2014 was supported by Thai Odyssey Maimpis Branch, Brodee’s, Lechon De Pugon, and Grandview Tower Hotel.